Building a life with Nicky

When I returned, I immediately got down to the business of seeing shows again. The Empire Revue and Dave Rabinow’s piece on ghosts. I had actually been a part of an early reading of Ghost Story, but eventually that part was written out.  Rebecca Noon was of course, stunning.

I had a chance encounter with Josh Short of the Wilbury Group, I said I was back in town and ready for anything, non-glamourous was fine. I reconnected with the Empire Revue.

So before long I was rehearsing weekly again, putting up various variety shows.

I stage managed a piece at Wilbury for Christopher Johnson and Vatic Kumba. It was a new work and I was a new stage manager. I think I managed it okay. Getting the lights to turn on is always the hardest part for me.

I worked the followspot for Murder Ballad at Wilbury. I followed one character the entire show. I barely knew her, and she knew me even less. But I could tell by where she held hips every step she was going to take. It’s an odd thing to watch a person for 90 minutes every night who you’ve only had a handful of conversations.

I moved my stuff into Nicky’s apartment, and some into my mom’s basement. I helped my mom move from Newport back into her home in Rehoboth, which had been trashed by tenants. I cleaned, I organized, I meticulously painted a bedroom and hallway. My mom deserves the best.

I built 16 matching stools for some other play with kids.

Nick, Katy and Walker were home for a few months, so was Trevor.

Dirty World the Third broke down a few times, but eventually I found a buyer. I’m driving an eleven-year-old Subaru Forester now. I don’t think I can call it Dirty World anything, unfortunately. It’s a very reasonable car. I love it.

It was good that Henry took a few months to gestate, because we needed that time to get ready. All that above stuff, and still I organized my life, and some of Nicky’s. Her office became a nursery, complete with a jungle mural drapes, furniture and rug.

But everything I wanted to make happen before Henry arrived happened, for the most part. I didn’t know when I would ever have free time again, so I just kept working. There is still free time in my life and I feel this great inertia to keep going.  Even to take time to post to the old blog.

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