Creative output in 2016

Again, apologies for talking about the past. I figure I might as well get it out of my head.

2016 had it’s share of straightforward tasks for me, but now I was a travelled man, an adventurer who had come back from the void (West Texas). One of the lasting lessons I took from reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a decade ago was a coordinated patient approach. 2015 gave me an abundance of time; so I actually was able to live my life this way. Keeping my life organized was pretty important living in a vehicle, and staying organized has made other tasks easier. Helping my mom with her house, building 16 benches or changing the brake drums on a van didn’t paralyze me with fear.

I think this helped expand the kinds of work I was willing to make; I had the boldness to pursue ideas that needed a lot of work. Spending weeks building a tiny house for five minutes, totally worth it:

There were a lot of great bits I helped put on stage at the Revue. This was not a year I felt in a rut there. I’m not going to catalog them all, but I was also proud of a duet with Trevor, sketches about Rumford and Chepachet respectively, an assortment of Area 51 assumptions, and a Boy Band song about boys who don’t listen.

So there is still a project very unfinished, that I did commit to: writing a Warren Zevon jukebox musical. I listened to days and days of Zevon, but I probably didn’t keep enough notes to know my thinking. I do have a few playlists, some characters, and at least two good scenes. No plot though, and I freaked out that I was building the filigree before the studs. I still owe Josh Short this play. I haven’t given up. I mean, I am blogging again! It’s a start.

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