Dirty World: 2016

Hola amigos, I know it’s been a while since I rapped at ya. I’ve been home and there hasn’t been that much to talk about as it relates to the Dirty World. The drive to L.A. was nerve-wracking, but crashing on a couch in Highland Park and taking a jet plane to Boston was far less exciting.

I acclimated back to Providence life quickly; my nephew, family and friends were everywhere. My friend Jax even joined me on the train from Boston to Providence as part of her commute home. There were countless parties and social events. My co-babysitter (for about 10 minutes) Grandma Betty poked fun at me for my full social calendar. Any time she asked, I always had something planned later in the day.

I got a lot out of the three weeks, including two shows. One with the Modell Brothers, the other in the Empire Revue New Year’s Eve show. The Revue is certainly the best way to spend that night. Sketch comedy, guest acts and the best live band around playing all night. I would’ve been happy to do anything in the show since I missed a couple rehearsals, but I was delighted that I was written into pieces by Dave Rabinow and Kate Teichman. I ended up in a few more pieces including this concept by Sam Bell:

A few days later I was catching a ride to a train to a bus to a plane to a bus to a train to take a long walk back to the Previa. It was all there, not even a parking ticket after three weeks on the street. The battery was dead, but I got a jump from AAA and drove to a storage facility that was open for another hour.

I had to suppress my East Coast sense of urgency and pretend to be patient in the storage place as I waited for the guy who was helping me to be trained. Tick tock folks, tick tock. I was left with a solid fifteen minutes to carry some obvious stuff up into the second floor space. I had left the van running to recharge the battery, and now it was out of gas. Thursday was a long day.

I bought some hot-bar protein and got ready to sleep in the van. I was unprepared for the cold but too tired to do anything about it. I wasn’t freezing, but I couldn’t sleep. Dumb. In the morning I went to Starbucks for some heat, electricity, running water and coffee. I decided my red, puffy, and tender eye had gotten red, puffy and tender enough to warrant medical attention so that was how I spent Friday morning. I have learned that I have trouble taking eye drops.

I went back to the storage place, now starting to feel like the protagonist in a thriller. I was methodically taking care of the most pressing issues, spending time alone, living off the grid and getting ready for the next part of my plan. I am fully aware that’s an overblown comparison.

I put the RI plates on the van. My big victory of the day was having the same size screws that were used to hold it on, but not completely rusted. So saving all the screws in my life paid off. I took a shower and ate some mediocre Vietnamese food in Alahambra. The night was colder than predicted, and despite my cold weather gear I still had trouble sleeping.

I was back at Starbucks at 5:04 a.m. yesterday morning for the same reasons. I watched Making a Murderer for 4 hours. I’m taking advantage of Starbucks, but when I left the guy who arrived between 5:00 and 5:04 was still there with his keyboard and mouse. And he probably has a house. Or at least a nicer car than mine.

I bought a mummy style sleeping bag and then wandered around the nearby Glendale Galleria. Boy, what a great place to go if you hate having money!

I moved to a parking lot, cleaned the van and listened to football. I fell asleep by 8 p.m., finally making up for some of the sleep I’d missed over the past three nights.

So I have the room in my brain to post and I am. I have some potential opportunities in the next few weeks, and I think I’ll be ready for them all. 2016 is going to be a thriller.