Fatherhood, week 10.

Well obviously a lot has happened since the conference on medical simulation in San Diego last January. I drove back to LA, built a fantastic bed/couch in the back of Dirty World the Third and drank lots of coffee. I got my stuff organized underneath the couch, took the driver seat out of the van and put most of my stuff in a sketch storage place, all piled on another. It was a good lesson in how little I need day to day.

I was finishing up a workout in the Planet Fitness parking lot where I was sort of living, across from a Lowe’s where I frequented for parts for the interior of the van. I grabbed a coffee and read a little of “A Sum of All Fears” in a nearby furniture store. I assume it just looked like I was testing the couch for sitting and the coffee table for holding my coffee.

So all in all a pretty good morning. I went back to the van and noticed I had an e-mail from Nicky. She was pregnant, but because she had time to think about it she didn’t want to call me out of the blue and…I called her back immediately. I trembled with excitement. It had been just days since my elaborate dream of fatherhood, preserved but password protected on this blog. She had been one of only two people who had read it, and it inspired her to take the test.

We agreed we’d always been a good team, so let’s work together to raise a baby. It seemed like a superb, though terrifying and gigantic idea.

I was still waiting to hear back on a production gig for a reality TV show in Maui. It would’ve made me a lot of dough and let me spend a lot of time with my family there. I hadn’t heard back yet but it seemed pretty likely. It was only a couple months and I could use the money…

A few days later I had cleared out the storage space, loaded up the van and was making my way through some damn desert on my way home. (I did eventually get offered the gig, more than once, but I was back in RI by that point.)

I drove a lot of miles in 2015, and spent a lot of time in vehicles. I don’t remember much of that time; I was cruising pretty hard in a vehicle that, once again, I didn’t trust beyond it’s inertia at any given moment. I know I had a little space cleared out in the back to sleep, which I did a couple times. I do have some memories of one truck stop, but that was helped out with visual aids. I talked about it in May at the Empire Revue:

I couldn’t have been happier to get home. I moved in with Nicky and we started getting ready to be a family.

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