Goodbye Winnebago

That man removing the RI plate from Dirty World is Larry, he’s a blacksmith at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. You can see he has some very nice braids as well. He comes first thing Saturday morning to get his hair done by Marie, and it lasts him all week.  He’s clearly a little sweet on Marie and this purchase may have been influenced by that.

He bought it cash money and had it delivered to his compound in Picayune, MS. It looks a little like what the Vennerbecks might do if they had the room. I spotted two other aging RVs as well as playground equipment, trucks, cars, sheds, giant dragon and all manner of things made of metal. No cats though, so not that similar to the Vennerbecks. He has a full metal working shop on the property. He plans to get it up and running again. I wish him the best, and I’m certainly glad that it’s not going in a junk yard. Not that any junk yards wanted it. Sometimes you can’t give something away, you have to sell it.

It was a somewhat expensive learning experience, but also a place to live for half a year. For now I continue on in a minivan, but that may change too. I don’t think I’ll be buying another class C motorhome.  A class C is basically a house on wheels with the face of a van. At 21 feet, the Minnie Winnie is about as small as they get and it was still bigger than I need. The less I have, the less I want.

I’m in L.A. for two days. I don’t plan to figure it all out in that time span.

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    can’t wait to see you soon!!

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