I climbed a mountain and I turned around

I was driving through Beverly Hills, because I find that hilarious. Also, lots of parking. I thought I would venture into the Wattles Garden Park to read my book. I started walking up a concrete path to look for a bench or something. Then there were some sand bags, then just a sandy trail. I kept going, but a bench started to look less likely.

It became apparent to me I was in a dry stream bed going straight up a pretty large hill. I could movement at the top of the hill in the distance, so I guessed it was a hiking hill, generally. Normally I doubt it would be possible to hike up the stream bed. So it seemed an opportune time to explore; there’s a drought and all. I So a half hour or later I popped up onto the trail, where plenty of other people were enjoying the day with a hike. I didn’t exactly dress for the trek, but I was fine in Wallabees, cords and a button-down.

What a beautiful view. Very Californian. Runyon Canyon park, where I was, looks down on Hollywood and the rest of the city. The Hollywood sign is visible on a nearby hill as well. I can’t imagine such a beautiful park being so close to a city on the East Coast, no wonder so many people were up there.