I taught at the IMSH

So when I’m not living in a van, I also teach at medical conferences.

My good friend and colleague Alan Sousa was in San Diego this past weekend to teach at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Conference. Alan works in the Rhode Island Hospital Simulation Center, where I’ve worked in the past as well as a standardized patient.

He had a sweet hotel room that I crashed in for the time. There was a king bed, but I opted to sprawl out on the floor rather than share it with him and his girlfriend Erin. I don’t think they realized the frequent tossing and turning they would have endured if I shared the king size bed with them, but it certainly was a nice offer. I sleep well on a floor these days, even a “Hard Rock” floor. HAH.

Alan prepared an excellent workshop on acting, improv and even a little puppetry for people working in medical simulations. The Lifespan facility where we work hires actors, but not all do. So Alan and I gave them a bit of a crash course on some techniques to help create the suspension of disbelief that can be crucial in getting learners to buy in to a simulation.

The four hours flew by. There was a lot to cover but we kept it fun; something that I don’t know most workshops do at such a conference. By the end we had a learner crying over a mannequin. The morning workshop was a success by any metric, so congratulations to Alan for that.

So we celebrated with some lunchtime beers and food with Erin and Max, another Sim Center employee. The Gaslamp district of San Diego is packed with bars and restaurants. It’s not hard to see why people love visiting, provided you like $15 sandwiches. Which I kinda do.

Erin, Alan and I drove to Coronado Island in the Astro Van. What a bridge! It was kind of intense in a new vehicle that I was still getting used to, but the view is spectacular. It’s still winter out here, so we didn’t swim or anything. I was still in my conference clothes. But the beach was busy, as the weather was still beautiful for a walk. Alan’s a talented photographer and took a slew of beautiful pictures.12508814_10100437693865309_8868636247795824401_n

We sat on a park bench to watch the sunset. How romantic, just the three of us eating licorice and taking silly snapchat videos as the clouds hid the entire solar event.

We never got around to dinner; perhaps it was all the candy. Instead Alan and I made use of the rooftop pool and hot tub before the three of us fell asleep at 9:00 watching The Wolverine.