Join Me in L.A.

A few more days go by in Los Angeles. I’m in a West Hollywood Whole Foods at the moment. No WiFi, which makes it feel very un-Hollywood to me. How do they live? Fortunately I have this personal hotspot thing. Technology is great, but it does require electricity. Keeping my devices charged is just one of the chores that’s a little harder these days.

I’m getting productive again; going to the gym and working on getting my show booked at festivals. I’m making good progress on The Idiot by Dostoyevsky. He’s philosophical but has a knack for hinting at what’s happening below the surface in every conversation. I identify with The Idiot at times; he’s new to the city with just a bundle of linen and looking for lodging and employment.

Building a career out here seems possible, and most of the people I talk to seem to be on that path. It would be easy to start investing all my time into the industry. And I’m sure after a few years I could be making a pretty good living doing some job I don’t even know exists right now and not living in the minivan and all that. But I’m not sure what that’s really worth. I just find myself so curious about how it works behind the scene. So my main goal is just to get on a set, even for a day. Doesn’t matter what set. Background work here and there will be fine. I think I still need a head shot though.

I went to a stand-up show in Hollywood last night at UCB. Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher were hosting. They were fantastic. They recently got married, and their on-stage banter was funny, adorable and relaxed. It was hard not to smile, even between jokes. Comics talking about how “Hollywood” has shaped the public’s opinions was odd to hear IN HOLLYWOOD.

I can’t forget where I am. Most of what I know about Hollywood and Los Angeles comes from songs. I don’t trust TV or Movies to tell me the truth. Too self-referential after all.

Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” gives one a great sense of the ironic positivity. Missing Persons were right as well: “nobody walks in L.A.” I haven’t seen any swinging, so I’m not sure Kool and The Gang knows what they’re talking about.

Warren Zevon sings about so many landmarks here it’s hard not to have his music running through my head at all times. Most of those songs are about addiction, depression and the acceptance of the two. It’s not hard to imagine someone here spiraling down. Since I know I’ll never be completely rid of my depression it’s a good reason not to drink.