More New Orleans events

So recently I’ve seen a Kentucky singer-songwriter who had a jar of moonshine to pass around. That was pretty rad.

I saw a work in progress called Grace and Igor, about an eight-year-old girl and her friend, a puppeteer. She wants to be a puppet. I think she has the wrong idea about the amount of control gained over one’s life by becoming a puppet. The idea that puppeteers are these benevolent beings that merely want to “breathe life” into an object and then let it do whatever did not ring true for me.

The WWII Museum is extensive, and does an amazing job of engrossing one in the events of America’s participation in the war. It’s a very America-centric view,¬†but I was still impressed with the valor and sacrifice that the soldiers and citizens displayed during the war. I absolutely recommend the museum if you’re in New Orleans. THERE’S ONLY SO MANY DAIQUIRIS YOU CAN DRINK ANYWAY, PEOPLE.

Last night I saw the Murder Ballads, a song series about, you know, killing people. Two women sang, accompanied by piano. The airy, baroque melodies didn’t exactly make me think of killing.¬†Certainly beautiful and well executed.

The local improv groups sketch comedy show All50 was 50 sketches, one for each state. The audience got to decide the order, though I’m not sure why. My eyes opened wide as they set an alarm for 88 minutes and started with Vermont. Indeed, they did 50 states in approximately 86 minutes.

The show opens up the second weekend tonight.