Thanksgiving in New Orleans

It was not my plan to spend Thanksgiving in New Orleans, but I didn’t have much of a plan in Texas either. So I spent it with Alicia.

I had a very slow morning. I hadn’t slept much the previous night, fretting about Dirty World the motorhome. Less fretting about Dirty World the blog. Around 2 p.m. I made my way to her apartment on a borrowed bicycle. She had baked three pies and a batch of brownies. World-beating brownies with a graham cracker crust and dried fruit. She has a great kitchen in a gorgeous apartment she subsidizes with AirBnB.  Apparently that’s a fairly common practice in this part of town, about a mile from the French Quarter.

Our first stop was the race track; a New Orleans tradition. Actual horses run on turf or dirt here. We dressed up, as did many other people there. There were the more hardcore gamblers and racing fans in casual attire, but for many the event is a chance to see friends, show off a hat and lose a few dollars on horses with appealing names. It’s New Orleans, so the fancy attire is comfortably off beat. One man had a large headpiece made of a tinsel christmas tree. Everywhere I looked I saw animal prints, bold patterns, bright colors and beautiful costume jewelry. I wore my J. Hilburn shirt of course. My autumnal colors looked downright tame.


I bet $10 and won $3.80 of it back. I’m chalking that up to $6.20 spent to watch horse racing, but it only reinforces my aversion to gambling. I did enjoy being able to tear up the losing tickets and bemoan another year for my shoeless baby. Amazingly, this comment drew laughs.

From there we went to a house party with some of the best asian slaw I’ve ever had. The turkey and other sides were great too. I had two plates and tried to contribute by washing some dishes.

The second party was much more tame, three friends of Alicia’s. We put whipped cream on peach cognac and listened to Juvenile. They were in good spirits; they had brie too.

We made an early exit; Alicia’s in her second trimester and I was emotionally exhausted from the past two days events. It’s a little sad how malfunctioning objects can play such a large part of my psychological world. I did manage to video chat with Mom, Trevor, Tom and Dasher at the end of the day. Which was great. It’s been two months!

Today I continue to mull the options of transportation, housing and travel going forward. I have almost no answers, but work is being done. There seems to be a scam involving putting cheap 20 year old motorhomes on craigslist in this area. They’re not really for sale; I believe it’s just a lure to collect e-mail addresses. Not sure how I wandered into that; it seems frustratingly perfect to snag me right now.