Two months in the Winnebago

I’ve been living in the Winnebago for two months now, but I creep into the intended lifestyle fairly slowly. For the most part, it’s been parked in the driveway of my old apartment where I have plenty of electricity and a bathroom I can use. It’s really not that different from apartment living in a lot of ways when it’s just sitting there. I’ve also been house-sitting fairly frequently this summer so there’ve been some real luxurious nights for me. Not just four walls and running water, but swimming pools and fridges full of food!

I did spend one overnight in Brooklyn with Alan Sousa and John McKenna, a couple improvisers I had gone to the city with. Heather Freedman rode down from Providence with us too; It’s the high point of owning the Minnie Winnie. I also hope it can be a model of future fun!

I’ve shown it off to family, friends and the audience at the Empire Revue where Hall and Oates impersonators played on top of it. People seemed surprised by how nice it is. I do try to tidy up before I have company though.

There have been some setbacks, some of which I only recently have worked through. It’s very hard to want to blog about the “journey” when it’s just sitting in Providence and I can’t get the engine to start. But here in this Seekonk McDonalds parking lot I feel a lot better.

There was a flat tire incident, a ceiling fan cover that took two months to replace, and the latest debacle involving the engine not starting and a botched distributor tune-up. All these problems have been caused by and fixed (with plenty of advice) by me. This is actually a typical relationship for me with a vehicle. Take my accord. No really, take it.

There are other things to repair or replace. Plenty of small and big projects. Hopefully most can get done in the next month.

Next post we’ll check in with the status of It’s a Spaceship Now.