Working with Strange Attractor

Fortune struck this past weekend in NOLA. Strange Attractor and Lightning Rod Special performed their new work, Sans Everything, at Faux Real. I’ve seen everything Sans Everything has put up for the past few years in RI; Jed Brainerd and Rebecca Noon are some of my favorite theatre artists in the whole darn world. And friends. Not only were they down for the same festival, they were performing in the same space I did! So I was in contact trying to offer any insight I had to the logistical challenges ahead. (There are always logistical challenges when arriving at a new space and trying to make a show work in it.)

I met them in the space last Wednesday. Much to my delight, I was asked to run tech for them. They were extraordinarily thankful but in truth I was hoping it would happen; working with Strange Attractor is a huge honor. So I got to spend time watching them get ready, talk through some moments, and watch the show three times. The first night I was pretty focused on running lights and sound, but I caught enough to appreciate Clara Weishahn’s fantastic performance. I love her patience and intention. Two qualities I aspire to have more of on stage.

The whole experience was fun, fascinating and uplifting. As the outside eye, Rebecca sat with each night. What a privilege I had to hear the insights of such a mind; she’s insightful, intuitive, genuine and knowledgable. She has an ability to boost those around her; I find myself more ready than ever to continue my adventure.

We went out for drinks, we talked about theatre, art, lesson plans, silly show ideas,* travel, food, festivals and dozens of other important topics. It was an ideal way to spend my last weekend in town.

*Some day I may talk more about this, generally and specifically.